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Whoniverses list of story goodness for handy-dandy reference
Two loves Jamie
Figured since I have one of these for the Boosh and Barleyverses, I should have one for Who stuff since I'm writing that too. So, here it be! Admittedly, the list is a little thin at the moment, but there will shortly be more, so allons-y!

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It's not that I'm an insecure, needy trainwreck, it's just that you need to switch off read receipts

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Fic (with pictures!): The Beginnings Of A Beautiful Friendship
what the foucault
In advance of some potentially exciting news (not a paid job, don't get your hopes up!) here's a hastily-written story featuring my two new flatmates:

The Beginnings Of A Beautiful Friendship
by me, doctorpancakes
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Delgado!Master, Leela
Rating: PG
Word Count: not many
Warnings: mild threat of violence
Author's Note: written in the wee hours of the morn, with a Chinese chippy hangover.

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Why don't I just...?
Brig loves Mike
In my present state of unemployment and with not a lot of exciting things to do, a friend suggested I consider stand-up comedy.


because no. I'd rather stick my head in an oven. I mean, a) not exactly what I'd call steady employment; and b) nobody likes female stand-up comedians. No really, they just don't. This isn't a battle I'm remotely invested enough in to fight myself. It's enough that I'm trying to fight for female writerdom, ferchrissakes; and c) it's one thing to be expected to produce interesting turns of phrase and compelling stories, and that's pressure, but to produce interesting turns of phrase and be consistently funny is a special kind of hell. And Gosh forbid you should ever decide to produce something serious and meaningful: no matter how good it is, most people will expect funny from you, and the shock of serious will be enough to make them hate it. I couldn't live with that kind of garbage.

Same friend also suggested I consider starting a podcast. Which is great except that a) I don't listen to podcasts, so it'd be a touch hypocritical of me to do one of my own; and b) podcasts require that magical self-promotion touch which I already lack in all my other ventures, which is why I am such a raging failure at everything I do. Is it weird that I don't get podcasts? I made friends with someone who did a Doctor Who podcast with some people so I listened to it, and it was literally just three guys talking about Doctor Who. Something about my brain found it very frustrating to listen to, though it might just have not been a very good podcast. And also, my brain gives me a weird sense of terror when I look at certain kinds of maps.

What I really need at this point is an agent. You know, someone who has a vested interest in my getting paid work because they get a cut every time I do. Leave the promotion to the expert and let me get on with dumb shit like writing short stories and making dumb paintings and reading dumb narrations. Also, I'm 1200 words into a story that's not about Doctor Who that Shearman might have innocently inspired with a tweet about what he was planning to do one day, which I mentioned to fellow writer Richard Dinnick at coffee this afternoon, who said it's a beautiful premise. The best feeling is when another writer thinks your writing sounds good. I love friends who write. It's just inspiring and awesome. So what are you guys writing, flist? Talk at Sami!

*hugglesquishes everyone*

Speaking of writing, look what came out yesterday! It's that Doctor Who book full of wonderful things which has some things in it done by me! Plus it's free to download, and proceeds from any sales go to Children In Need. Also, there's bits in it by me. As if you needed an incentive other than that to check it out.

In other news, still no sign of income, so if you know anybody who might be inclined to fancy, say, a custom wedding portrait, or that kind of thing, that's a kind of thing I can do for money. And when my cold dissipates, I'll be able to narrate again. Just putting that out there. *waggles eyebrows*

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Mostly pictures and some interesting things
Brig loves Mike
Gee, it's been a mostly interesting week, in which I continue to have no income, but at least I got out and did stuff.

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I am already super over looking for work. It's awful. Can't I just skip ahead to the bit where people start calling me up asking to have meetings about things and inviting me to do stuff?

On the other hand, food. I've been grossly underambitious in my actual foodie executions, while my mind races with the gazillions of things I could be doing. Little cardamom yeast doughnuts drizzled with rosewater syrup and pistachio praline dust? Don't mind if I do, but all I managed to put together tonight was a plate of steamed fillet of basa with baby Jersey Royals, petits pois, and a velvety dill cream sauce (made with about half of my poor, withering Dillon. At least his brother Basil is thriving, and will live to make many pestos and curry pastes).

On the other, other hand, poor. I've been unemployed for just over a month now, and in that time have, like, not really made many strides in the area of earnings. Therefore, I ought to mention that I'm taking commissions for illustrations, so if you need anything, know anyone who needs anything, send them my way. You know, custom portraits make kickass wedding gifts? Just putting that out there.

(Also really populating the society6 and redbubble pages with interesting things in the hopes that I may be able to take a sliver out of my rent at least while I search for gainful employ)

(Also, I feel gross about it, but I've got banners up on my tumblr page now. At least the one I was actually able to specifically request it show nifty Doctor Who things people might actually like/click on!)

In other, other news, I've become a bit despondent of late because GOOD GOSH the press in this country is fucking mean and their attitudes towards sex more or less amount to ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE IS A PAEDO ESPECIALLY IF THEY'RE FAMOUS OOH LA LA HERE'S A BLURRY PHOTO OF SOME BARELY LEGAL SOCIALITES SUNBATHING TOPLESS AND YOU SHOULD FEEL VERY ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR LOOKING YOU DISGUSTING PERVS. Basically, as a cultural instrument, the mainstream press need to be seeing a fucking therapist. It just really depresses me.

In other, other, other news, I think this hat looks jaunty:

Now back to finishing some graphics, writing like at least two short plays by the end of the week, meep!

Fic: It'll Do You Good
what the foucault
It'll Do You Good
by me, doctorpancakes
: Doctor Who
Characters: Sixth Doctor, Mel Bush, Frobisher
Rating: PG
Word Count: 533
Warnings: very silly
Author's Note: Written in between job applications at the Costa in Lowry Outlet Mall for sixathon, for which aralias wanted to see some Six and Mel and Frobisher fun times.

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The Name Of The Doctor
what the foucault
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Well, at least they played the "what matters is that I'm The Doctor and that's who I am so there" thing like I hoped/figured they would.

AWW ALL THE DOCTORS! I admit - and monooccularcat can attest to this - I did a very loud squee when Hartnell appeared because AAAAAAAAAAAA ALL MY BABIES

(and the fact that they used that clip of Seven's literal cliffhanger, lollerskates)

But also I admit I was vocally like UGH UGH NO NO NO STOP KISSING JUST STOP NO because seriously like I just don't buy Eleven/River in terms of, like, shippy touchy stuff at all. Or Eleven with anyone, for that matter, ever. It just feels so wildly out of character for me. It feels like there's some kind of disconnect/miscommunication with regard to how Eleven's been played versus how he keeps being written. It's just really confusing to me.

But I might now be anticipating Eighth Doctor/Great Intelligence fic now because, okay because Withnail And I, but still. Go forth and make it happen, kids! You know you want to.

I can't really tell whether or not I liked it because it didn't really make a lot of sense, and honestly, as is to be expected from Moffat's Massive Mystery Plot reveals, the whole "this is what Clara is all about" was a bit underwhelming. I think part of the problem with these big mystery arcs is that there's really no way to pay them off without it being a bit of a let-down. The reality just isn't as exciting as all our cracktastic speculation.

But still, BABIES. Also I'm sort of preoccupied atm with not knowing until like Monday or Tuesday whether or not I'm homeless so yeah. :|

what the foucault
I wanted to post before I left, but LIVEJOURNAL WAS DOWN D:

So, uhh, I live in England now. Landed yesterday morning, on my way to view some apartments today. There's something about the way the air smells here that's just beautiful. This is good. This will be good. Good.

Still sort of terrified, but good.

So that's that then.
what the foucault
Today was my last day at the office. After 13 years. I got hugs and well wishes from everyone and they even all apparently chipped in and bought some British currency to get me started in the UK, blessums. I honestly couldn't have wished for a more nurturing or supportive work environment to have spent over a decade in. I mean, it had it's screamingly frustrating elements as any job does, but I'll miss it. I was slightly tempted to close my "bye everyone" email with the "one day, I shall come back..." speech, but decided it might have been TOO dorky, and everyone seemed to think that what I did come up with was terribly touching.

I cried all the way home.

Now it's just cleaning and packing and cleaning and packing and waiting for my new iphone to arrive (don't get too excited - I picked the cheapest model currently available and am mainly getting it because Three has an unlimited data plan and I'll need something to check emails from anywhere while I'm desperately scrounging for work in Manchester. Plus, it'll be kind of handy to have a phone that has maps, living in a new country and all.)

I'm really pleased that a few people have bought prints since I've had them on 20% off with coupon code SASSMASTERS (seriously, of all the coupon codes I could have come up with, that's the one that stuck) because I have no idea where I'm going to store all this stuff, and expenses up the wazoo and unemployed and and and also they're very nice prints of stuff.

(Some lovely person even bought one of Adric! That's nice.)

Now I'm just drinking a cup of Ben and Polly blend tea, and contemplating requesting a viewing on a fourth flat. I'm tempted not to, though, just because it's in the city centre and I don't fancy the extra expense of a Metrolink pass if I end up working for the Beeb.


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