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Whoniverses list of story goodness for handy-dandy reference

Figured since I have one of these for the Boosh and Barleyverses, I should have one for Who stuff since I'm writing that too. So, here it be! Admittedly, the list is a little thin at the moment, but there will shortly be more, so allons-y!

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Fic (with pictures!): The Beginnings Of A Beautiful Friendship

In advance of some potentially exciting news (not a paid job, don't get your hopes up!) here's a hastily-written story featuring my two new flatmates:

The Beginnings Of A Beautiful Friendship
by me, doctorpancakes
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Delgado!Master, Leela
Rating: PG
Word Count: not many
Warnings: mild threat of violence
Author's Note: written in the wee hours of the morn, with a Chinese chippy hangover.

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Fic: It'll Do You Good

It'll Do You Good
by me, doctorpancakes
: Doctor Who
Characters: Sixth Doctor, Mel Bush, Frobisher
Rating: PG
Word Count: 533
Warnings: very silly
Author's Note: Written in between job applications at the Costa in Lowry Outlet Mall for sixathon, for which aralias wanted to see some Six and Mel and Frobisher fun times.

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The Name Of The Doctor

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Well, at least they played the "what matters is that I'm The Doctor and that's who I am so there" thing like I hoped/figured they would.

AWW ALL THE DOCTORS! I admit - and monooccularcat can attest to this - I did a very loud squee when Hartnell appeared because AAAAAAAAAAAA ALL MY BABIES

(and the fact that they used that clip of Seven's literal cliffhanger, lollerskates)

But also I admit I was vocally like UGH UGH NO NO NO STOP KISSING JUST STOP NO because seriously like I just don't buy Eleven/River in terms of, like, shippy touchy stuff at all. Or Eleven with anyone, for that matter, ever. It just feels so wildly out of character for me. It feels like there's some kind of disconnect/miscommunication with regard to how Eleven's been played versus how he keeps being written. It's just really confusing to me.

But I might now be anticipating Eighth Doctor/Great Intelligence fic now because, okay because Withnail And I, but still. Go forth and make it happen, kids! You know you want to.

I can't really tell whether or not I liked it because it didn't really make a lot of sense, and honestly, as is to be expected from Moffat's Massive Mystery Plot reveals, the whole "this is what Clara is all about" was a bit underwhelming. I think part of the problem with these big mystery arcs is that there's really no way to pay them off without it being a bit of a let-down. The reality just isn't as exciting as all our cracktastic speculation.

But still, BABIES. Also I'm sort of preoccupied atm with not knowing until like Monday or Tuesday whether or not I'm homeless so yeah. :|
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I wanted to post before I left, but LIVEJOURNAL WAS DOWN D:

So, uhh, I live in England now. Landed yesterday morning, on my way to view some apartments today. There's something about the way the air smells here that's just beautiful. This is good. This will be good. Good.

Still sort of terrified, but good.
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So that's that then.

Today was my last day at the office. After 13 years. I got hugs and well wishes from everyone and they even all apparently chipped in and bought some British currency to get me started in the UK, blessums. I honestly couldn't have wished for a more nurturing or supportive work environment to have spent over a decade in. I mean, it had it's screamingly frustrating elements as any job does, but I'll miss it. I was slightly tempted to close my "bye everyone" email with the "one day, I shall come back..." speech, but decided it might have been TOO dorky, and everyone seemed to think that what I did come up with was terribly touching.

I cried all the way home.

Now it's just cleaning and packing and cleaning and packing and waiting for my new iphone to arrive (don't get too excited - I picked the cheapest model currently available and am mainly getting it because Three has an unlimited data plan and I'll need something to check emails from anywhere while I'm desperately scrounging for work in Manchester. Plus, it'll be kind of handy to have a phone that has maps, living in a new country and all.)

I'm really pleased that a few people have bought prints since I've had them on 20% off with coupon code SASSMASTERS (seriously, of all the coupon codes I could have come up with, that's the one that stuck) because I have no idea where I'm going to store all this stuff, and expenses up the wazoo and unemployed and and and also they're very nice prints of stuff.

(Some lovely person even bought one of Adric! That's nice.)

Now I'm just drinking a cup of Ben and Polly blend tea, and contemplating requesting a viewing on a fourth flat. I'm tempted not to, though, just because it's in the city centre and I don't fancy the extra expense of a Metrolink pass if I end up working for the Beeb.
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I was rage-unfollowed on tumblr last night by someone who said I was policing their language by suggesting that while I mostly agreed with their sentiments, their argument was constantly worded in a way that others could rightly be upset by. See, the thing is that social justice is a GOOD thing, but I feel like a lot of people sat through the first week of Cultural Studies 101, got really angry about how oppressed they are, and forgot to stick around for, you know, a more rounded understanding of how not to be a whiny douchecanoe who cries "your argument is invalid because some invisible scale of oppression places me as 15% more queer than you are" or something, and this is usually where a comparison to Nazis comes in and I leave to make soup or listen to an audiobook. Social Justice of Tumblr, I'll continue to check my privilege, but I'd appreciate it if you checked your stupidity while we're at it.

I don't typically like getting into public debate online, but sometimes an argument is so prevalent and so annoying that I can't keep my opinions to myself. And even when I do, especially if I'm addressing someone directly, I keep it civil, and am very careful not to say anything that may come across as patronising or abusive. It's really fucking annoying the number of people who just react with "stop oppressing me!" at anyone who disagrees with them. It's pretty fucking immature.

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Wait a minute

My mum, purveyor of panic, pointed out to me today, bless her, that there's the whole matter of money to consider when I move in just over two weeks.

Not as in, like, do I have money, obviously I do or I wouldn't be willing to risk a possible several months stuffing about with only my savings and any freelance income that I most definitely cannot count on at all (please feel free to tell your friends who might be in need of illustrators and/or voiceovers that I'm available, reliable, agreeable, and reasonable). But, my money's in Canada, and I'm going to need a UK bank account in order to take care of like rent and stuff. A deposit shouldn't be an issue, but does anybody UK-based know if most landlords ask for post-dated rent cheques in advance? I worry because I'm wondering how easy it will be to open a bank account before I have a fixed abode in Manchester. I mean, if worse comes to worst I guess I could just put down my address as the hotel I'm staying in while I look for a flat, but... Oh, I just don't want to end up living out of a hotel any longer than I have to, and if I'm caught in a banking catch-22... I don't want to haemorrhage money into that and waste time I could be spending getting settled in and looking for work. Harumph.

*is terrified*

In other news, boy have I ever made new teas! There's Dalek blend, Grace Holloway, Mike Yates, and Dodo Chaplet. And this coupon code is good for $5 first-time orders for about the next 16 hours, so: 9704003563

In other, other news, I dunno I'm going to go curl up and cry because I'm 99.8% sure I'm going to screw up this UK adventure horribly and end up having to come home within a month.